Celeste: The Dark Queen

By Samantha Eklund

Celeste, the wise and beautiful queen of Vehrys, has been betrayed.

On the night of her 26th birthday, the man who had loved her since their shared childhood poisoned her, stabbed her, and then left her for dead.

Since then, the sun hasn't risen in their land. Since then, bloodthirsty and abhorrent beasts have roamed the earth and slain her innocent people.

Kiev, her traitorous husband, is the son of her neighboring kingdom's vile queen. For years the two kingdoms had been at war, until hers and his marriage. Celeste had never doubted the substance of his love, until now. Even after his foul actions and apparent involvement with evil forces, she has trouble accepting that he deserted her for power.

The fair queen finds herself caught in a battle between light and dark; the purest of good and most dreadful of evil. As she battles for survival, she also fends to maintain her sanity in the terrifying and dark new world. Hope for her husband dwindles more with each passing day, but the faint spark of unexpected new love drives her to keep fighting for her kingdom.

With her recently discovered magic and the aid of an ancient deity, she must attempt to rid her land of the terrifying abominations stalking its people. Can she do so before her former love destroys her new one? More importantly, can she rid the world of this suffocating darkness before the evil causing it overtakes her soul?

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