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Books and all.

You must stay fueled + inspired, whether your dream is to be the next world-famous painter or it has nothing to do with creativity. 

Sometimes, we honestly need a little break from our endeavors. My dear, you work hard. It is never easy to balance family, work, and our passions. If we don’t take some time for ourselves to slow down and relax, we’ll burn out. 

Why not stay inspired while also escaping the worries of the world? For that, I’ve crafted a gift for you. It's a short story designed to thrill and inspire you; to awaken the lion inside of you and remind you of what's worth fighting for.

When you accept the gift, you’ll also become a part of my inner circle so we can stay connected. I’m not very active on social media, so this is where the action will be at! 

The story isn't quite ready yet, but why not sign up anyway? You'll be the FIRST to know when it's out, and we'll get the chance to connect every couple weeks when my latest letter of inspiration whisks into your inbox.