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You Matter and Here Are 3 Irrefutable Reasons Why

YOU are unique and the world needs you! If you ever have trouble believing it some days, I wanted to dedicate this episode totally to YOU and remind you of how incredibly valued and loved you are, and how much you matter. There are probably a billion reasons we could list out, but all of those wouldn’t fit into one episode ;-) Instead, here are the three I thought might have the most impact on you:

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Proof That You Matter: See How Much This World Would Suck If These 8 People Hadn't Dared to Dream

No matter how well you and I are doing at life, there are inevitably times when we feel like a disappointment to those around us to ourselves. Sometimes, it can even feel like you don’t matter. This is in NO WAY true. We ALL matter! To demonstrate this, I thought it would be fun to check out some incredible examples of people who faced adversity, obstacles, or setbacks in their life at one point or another and could have easily given up on their passion or dreams—but thank goodness they didn’t because they each greatly impacted the world in one way or another. Let’s check them out:

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