Episode 001- Celeste: Betrayed, Horrid Darkness, & Bloodthirsty Beasts

celeste the dark queen episode one betrayed darkness bloodthirsty beasts author samantha eklund

Happy March 6th!!! Also known as... The Codex Premier Day!

(Ok not really, but we can pretend!)

My new story blog/podcast is here, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Welcome to The Codex, a fantasy series about enthralling queens, deadly charades, glimmering dreams, abhorrent beasts, and unspeakable destinies!

Once a week every week, a couple chapters from my latest book will air in both written and audio form.

If you haven't already read Celeste, now's a great time to start. Rather than having to carve out a big chunk of time or hoping you remember to take some quiet moments for yourself, you can rely on this handy-dandy email to remind you weekly that it's time to read! Even better, it'll serve the delicious story to you in bite-sized snippets.

Before this summer ends, you'll be able to say you've read a whole book! (that's more than most adults read in a whole year)

Go you!

In this first episode you can read the beginning chapters of Celeste (The Dark Queen, Book 1). Next week, the first couple episodes of the podcast will air, in which I'll read the story to you! ;-)

I'm so glad you're here with me, truly.

But enough mushy-mush; are you ready to get reading? Of course you are.

Hop on down to the link below to start reading: