You Matter and Here Are 3 Irrefutable Reasons Why

you matter author samantha eklund

YOU are unique and the world needs you!

You might already know this, but if you have some trouble believing it some days, I wanted to dedicate this episode totally to YOU and remind you of how incredibly valued and loved you are, and how much you matter.

There are probably a billion reasons we could list out, but all of those wouldn’t fit into one episode ;-) Instead, here are the three I thought might have the most impact:

Irrefutable Reason #1: There’s nobody else out there like you.

As we all know, every single person’s fingerprint it unique. So are your retinas. The same is true of your personality as well. Not a single other person who ever has—or ever will—live has the same blend of personality traits as you! Some people estimate that over 100 billion people have ever lived… and you’re the only one like you. You’re literally one in—not a million—but a hundred billion. Wow!!! Let that sink in for a minute.

It used to be hard for me to really accept this one, but I’ve come to realize how true it is. Even if other people look like you, act like you, and even seem to have the same interests as you, you’re still unique. Your heart responds differently to things than your friends’ or loved ones’ hearts do. You see things differently. You have unique ideas for the world. You have a special vision for your future. You respond differently to situations than others do. You have a unique calling on your heart. My dear, there truly is nobody else out there like you.

Irrefutable Reason #2: You’re here for a reason.

I believe this with my whole heart. I don’t for a second believe that this gorgeous planet, breathtaking galaxy, or mind-boggling universe is just here by happenstance. That, in turn, means that none of us are here by random chance either. Think of all of the beauty, tender moments, and meaning that can be found within humanity and nature; that all exists for a reason.

And you exist for a reason!

With all of the unique intricacies that weave together and make up your being and character, there is undoubtedly a reason that you’re here on this planet, during this time. Your ideas, things that make your heart ache or soar with joy, dreams, interests, wishes for the future, intelligence, accomplishments, views on things, and more, all make you so very special. You’re the only person on the planet with the combination of character traits that you have, and you’re meant to do something with those.

Irrefutable Reason #3: There are people who love and need you.

Even if you’re convinced that you’re not unique or are here for a reason, this one really drives it home. No matter who you are or where you are on this planet, there are people in this world who love you. No, not just one person, but people.

Think of all the people who are passionately fighting for women’s rights across the globe. Now imagine one little girl in a desert village, who maybe lost her whole family and is now being held captive by a cartel. As she’s sitting there desperate for a different life, she might not feel unique or like she’s here for a reason. She likely feels completely alone in this world, but little does she know that people in other countries are fighting for her and love her.

The same is true of you. Even if your life situation isn’t that dire and you live in a modern city with a job and extended family, but simply feel unseen, misunderstood, and unappreciated by everyone, that’s not true. You have no idea how many people you may have left an impression on throughout your day and who is currently thinking about you, praying for you, or looking forward to seeing you again.

In summary:

You matter! You are unique! And gosh dangit you are loved! Don’t ever forget that! There’s nobody else on this planet—in all of history or in all of the future—who’s the same as you. With the incredibly unique combination of everything that makes up who you are, you’re here on this planet for a reason. There are people who love and need you—some of whom you aren’t even aware of, but they’re out there.

Action item:

Make note of these reasons, and any time you start to feel isolated, bland, or like you have no purpose, read back over them and soak in their truth!

Join the convo! ;-)

Have you ever had a moment where you felt like you didn’t matter, but then something incredible happened that made you realize how wrong that idea was? Or do you have encouragement for others who might be feeling that way right now? If so, leave a comment below to join the conversation!