The Vision Board and You: 3 Concrete Reasons Why You Need One If You Have Goals or Dreams

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Imagine your dream life, because you WILL get there and you need to know what you're headed towards!

A couple weeks ago, I proposed some ideas for why you need to be planning your dream vacation (or life, family, passion, etc.) and to do so using a vision board. In case you haven’t taken action on that yet, I wanted to touch on that topic again (if you have taken action, check this out anyway because it has some new insights!).

To help you achieve your dream life, I propose using some form of vision board for these three reasons:

Reason #1: It gives you one centralized place to see all your goals and dreams in one shot.

Hopefully by now you’ve identified a few dreams, made them into goals, and have them written down somewhere. Well, at any given time can you pull up all of those goals and know what they are?

Do you know what you’re working towards, or is it hard to keep track of them all? That’s why you want to have everything in one centralized place! While an old-school one of cork-board and magazine cutouts can work, I find that Pinterest works wonders in the modern world. This way you can pull it up anytime you want!

Reason #2: It helps your brain imagine new possibilities, which can help motivate you during hard times.

Getting images of your dreams over and over helps you keep imagining more and more details. This will inevitably lead to new ideas, as well as new dreams. For some of us, adding new dreams might seem daunting. “Why on earth would I want another dream when I haven’t even accomplished one yet? Won’t it make me feel like a failure?” Not if you frame it right in your mind!

Rather than seeing it as another looming item that you may not accomplish, see it as another weapon in you arsenal. If you start to lose motivation for your current dream, recall that you have other dreams you want to realize too. Let the excitement and possibility of that second dream course through you and motivate you to get back to work on the first dream.

Reason #3: There’s no substitute for hard work, but a vision board helps you stay excited.

Alas, this is my favorite reason for having a vision board! I’m a visual person and love to have images of my dreams smack dab in front of me any time I need an extra shot of motivation.

I have a Pinterest board, as well as hand-picked backgrounds for my computer that shuffle as I work. I love seeing the things my heart is set on as I’m working to achieve them!

There’s absolutely no excuse for hard work—I don’t have these images around so that they magically “manifest” my dreams—but keeping those images in front of me sure helps when things get tough.

In summary:

Keep your dreams in front of you as you work on them! One of the best ways to do this is with a vision board (physical or online). This gives you an awesome place to glance at and see all of your dreams at once, which is super cool as you move through your journey. It also helps your brain imagine new possibilities and come up with new dreams, which can certainly be an extra source of motivation for when you’re going through trying times. There’s no substitute for hard work and a vision board won’t magically make things happen, but it sure does help with staying motivated and excited about what you’re working towards.

Action item:

If you haven’t yet, start your vision board! One of the most fun ways to do this is to hop on Pinterest and start searching keywords about things or places you’d love to experience. I also do web searches for causes that I’m passionate about and add them to the folder of my desktop slideshow. If you’re like me and insane houses or buildings inspire you, you could also hop on Zillow or similar site to snag some awe-inspiring photos.

Join the convo! ;-)

Do you already have a vision board or did you just start one and you’re pumped up about it? Share with us by leaving a comment below!