Vision Board Funness: 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning Your Dream Vacation Even If You're Broke

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Even if you’re currently broke (or low on cash), you should be dreaming about your dream vacation!

If you don’t quite know what your dream vacation (or home, or family, or life) is, start with something general. If you like the beach, put a picture of crystal-blue water on your vision board. If you like the snow, put up a picture of somewhere snowy.

After you have a general idea, keep adding more details to your vision board over time. Your goal is to eventually know exactly where you want to go, which resort you’re going to stay at, how many people are going with you, how you’re getting there, the date you want to go, what you’re going to do there, how much it’s going to cost, and anything else you can think of.

Why? Because this is a powerful exercise for your brain that helps you make this dream come true. Let’s look at three reasons why this is so:

Reason #1: You can’t accomplish something you don’t really believe.

Dreaming is such a powerful mental exercise because it opens your mind up to the possibility of this truly being a reality. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between make believe and real life, so when you go through the exercise of immersing yourself in your dreams and allowing your whole body to feel like it’s living that dream vacation, it’s like you’re really experiencing it.

In order to accomplish something, you have to believe it can be done. Many of us can’t imagine making a million dollars and holding it in our hands. It seems absurd to us. But if we start to figure out the details of what that would look like, smell like, feel like, etc., we can start to envision it. (By the way, a million dollars is only ten bricks of hundreds; it’s a lot easier to hold that much money than you might think. Trust me, I’ve done it.)

Once we’ve envisioned something that we previously thought impossible, we’ve made a new track in our brain. Imagine a road that was just snowed on and no cars have driven through it yet. That’s your brain before truly daydreaming about your dream scenario and all of its details. As you imagine and immerse yourself in it, it’s like driving a car through that freshly snowed-on road; now it has tire tracks leading through the snow. Once those tracks are there, it’s easier to repeat them over and over, and each time you imagine your dream life it becomes easier and easier for your brain to believe that it’s actually possible.

Reason #2: Envisioning the reality you want to see before you helps it come true.

Now some people call this the law of attraction, but I think it’s more of a self-fulfilling prophecy type thing. The more I envision peacefully waking up without an alarm, once the sun is up, and doing whatever I want with my day, the more I want to live it. Sure, I can taste it in my daydreams, but I want more than that. I want to experience it day after day for real.

This desire lurks in my brain at all times, and helps me keep going on days where I’m a little tired or am running low on motivation. It also helps me frame the mindset from which I make decisions. If I know I have this goal, I’m not going to make decisions that are going to compromise it; conversely if I don’t have it held in my mind, then I might be more prone to making frivolous choices that don’t help me get any closer to my goal.

Reason #3: Knowing specifics will help you keep making progress.

Our brains love specifics, even if you’re not a details person. Knowing you want to be “successful” doesn’t mean much to your brain; it can’t do anything with that. However, knowing you want a $30 million condo on Park Avenue in NYC by the year 2025 gives your brain a lot to go on. I know I’ve mentioned this about 30 million times in my blogs, but there’s a reason for that… it’s true! Give your brain some details and goals that are both tangible and actionable, and you’ll get them done! Our brains hate the unknown and vagueness.

In summary:

Map out that dream vacation now, even if you can’t possibly imagine how you’re going to make it happen! Slap it on your vision board and fill in as many details as you can over time. This will help you start to believe it’s possible, since the more familiar we are with an idea the more comfortable we are with believing it. It’ll also cause you to work towards making it come true, even if it’s subconsciously. What’s more, as you fill in those details of how everything is going to happen, your brain can identify tangible goals and action items and work even harder on making the dream become a reality.

Action item:

Get to work on your vision board! If you don’t care about a dream vacation, put something else up there—like a dream life, your ideal family, your deepest passion, the way you’re dying to help others, etc. Tip! Your vision board doesn’t have to be a cork-board on your wall; nowadays many people use Pinterest boards or Instagram collections to curate images for their dreams.

Join the convo! ;-)

Are you excited to get started and make this happen? You should be! If you have any questions or want to share what dream you’re getting started on, post a comment below!