4 Steps to Staying Motivated When You're All out of GAF

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When your motivation has run out of steam, remember your WHY!

When you’re struggling to stay motivated, you should definitely keep going. However, getting your motivation back ASAP is important, because it does help you produce your best work and do so with great efficiency.

When you hit the roadblock that is lack of motivation, don’t let it get you down! Follow these steps and you should be back on track in no time!

Step #1: First, remember that everyone goes through a slump and give yourself some grace.

So you’re in a bit of a slump, so what? It’ll pass! Every dreamer encounters times when life gets in the way and derails us. As important as dreams and businesses are, nothing comes before your personal life and family. If something is wrong there, you won’t be able to do your best work in your business anyway, so if you’re going through some things, allow yourself to dial back a bit on your business during that season. Don’t give up—keep doing what you can—but if you have to do a little less for now, that’s ok.

Also remember that every dreamer hits times when they simply lose excitement and motivation for what they’re doing. Worry not my dear; this too shall pass. It’s just a temporary phase that we humans go through. Are you always in a good mood? I know I’m not! Our attitudes towards our dreams are the way; susceptible to our human emotions. That’s no reason to give up! Just know it will pass and that these steps can help you get that motivation back!

Step #2: Remember your why.

After giving yourself some grace, look back through old notes, at your vision board, or simply recall what you dream was. You can prompt it by answering as many of these questions as you can about your dreams:

What bothers you about your life today that you’d like to change? What do you love about it that you want to keep? What issues make your heart sad? Happy? What kind of future do you want for your family? What kind of future do you want for yourself? What’s your definition of success?

Dwell on this for a while and remember your original excitement.

Step #3: Feel that passion and desire that you once had.

Now that you recall your original dream, imagine how it’ll feel when it comes true. How will you feel? How amazing will your schedule be?

What will your dream day look like? What time do you wake up? Who wakes up beside you? Where are you? What’s the weather like? What’s the first thought on your mind? What’s the first thing you do when you get up? What do the first two hours of your day look like? What do you fill your day with? Who do you see? What do you eat? Where do you go? What’s your overall feeling the entire day?

Think of the larger picture as well. Who will be impacted when your dream comes true? How many people have you helped? Let that excitement and hope swell within you until it bubbles into inspiration!

Step #4: Call upon your arsenal of success.

Now that you’re feeling excited again, let’s bring out the big guns. Get that arsenal of success that we created a few weeks back. (If you haven’t done it yet, check out this past episode How to Gain Confidence: Build an Arsenal of Success in 5 Fun Steps.) Look over all of your good times, successes, compliments, wins, and all the good things you’ve done. Don’t just cruise through it. Read every compliment, experience, etc. Recall each and every scenario that surrounded them and what you did to garner that feedback. Feeling unstoppable yet? I am for you!

In summary:

Slumps are a normal part of working on dreams, a business, or any part of life! When you go through them, give yourself some grace and understand that they’re just a part of being human. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re on the wrong track or that you’re failing!

To get out of the slump, take some time to remember why you started on this journey, and spend some time imagining what it’ll be like once you accomplish it. Let those feelings soar! Last but definitely not least, pull out the big guns and open up that arsenal of success that you created a couple weeks back. Let everything in there be a reminder to you of all the times you’ve succeeded, and know that you’ll prevail in this endeavor as well!

Action item:

Now let all of these things come together and dwell within you for a while. Remember how unstoppable, confident, and utterly excited you felt when you first set out on this journey! That hopeful feeling rising in you is your motivation returning! Do this exercise again anytime you’re starting to feel a slump coming on.

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