Work from Anywhere: 3 Reasons Why the Road Less Traveled Rocks

work from anywhere author samantha eklund

I have a dream of taking the road less traveled and work from anywhere. No part of me wants to hold a traditional job, yet I definitely want to be a productive member of society. My ultimate dream is to have a business that I can run from anywhere in the world. Skiing in the Alps? No problem. Vacationing in St. Thomas? No worries. Sightseeing in the UAE? Got it covered.

Ultimate freedom is why I want to work from anywhere, but I know that can be a pretty daunting dream for some people. You might be thinking that it sounds like a great idea, but you don’t really care about where you work from—you’re perfectly happy where you are. That’s great! Working from anywhere aside, there are still some great reasons for you to consider taking the road less traveled in your life.

The normal process is for us to go to school of some sort, get a job, then settle into that until we “retire” at 65 and then die of boredom. I absolutely do not want to see that happen to you!

How to avoid it? Take the road less traveled! Here are some reasons, other than location freedom, why it’s a good idea:

Reason #1: You’ll stand apart from the crowd.

Not in the, “I obviously need attention so look at how eccentric I can be!” way, but in a more refined and subtle one. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really liked fitting in. Third grade was my first year at public school; prior to that I was homeschooled. During said year, I remember some of the popular kids wanting me to join them for some reason. But I didn’t like the way they acted or the things they did. I didn’t want to be like them, and when they said I had to be or I couldn’t be in their group, I said adios! I then found a friend who was weird like me and was completely happy.

The same can be done in our grown-up lives. Sure, we can all trudge through 12 years of school, graduate and celebrate, only to force ourselves through at least four more years of school, then graduate and celebrate again, only to then sign our lives away at some corporate job. Bleh! It crushes my soul just to write that.

Here’s a crazy idea: let’s take the road less traveled instead! Let’s stick it to the man (or woman) and buck the status quo! Let’s not settle for a life of security by relying on a job or the government, but instead take some risks and risk it all for our dreams!

Reason #2: If you live out your purpose and heart’s calling, you’ll live a much more fulfilled life.

I think this goes without saying, but I still want to point it out. So often, it’s very tempting to take the easiest path rather than the one that’s less traveled. A comfy job in a comfy house with a comfy bank account sounds great to most of us. But what about excitement, adventure, and fulfillment?

When you take the road less traveled, figure out your life’s purpose, and work at what truly fulfills you, you will have an incredible life. No, it won’t be free of obstacles, strife, or bad days, but overall it will be much more fulfilling than working at a job that you hate (or merely put up with).

All the time, business gurus tell us not to go into business just for the sake of making money. We must LOVE what we do or we won’t make it through the tough times. Yet when it comes to our jobs… that advice is nowhere to be found. So many of us just take the first thing we can find, then end up doing that for years and years even if we dislike it, just for the sake of the income. Don’t let that be you!

Reason #3: You’ll inspire others.

Perhaps the most rewarding point of all! If you dare to take chances and show others what’s possible, you can inspire them to also live up to their fullest potential and live out their life’s calling. Especially your kids!!! Show them that they don’t have to kill themselves at a job. Show them that Mom and Dad don’t have to come home grumpy every day because they just spent 8-10 hours doing something that kills their soul for mediocre pay. Show them that accomplishing one’s dreams CAN be a reality, and that it’s not just for the super smart or lucky.

In summary:

If you hate the status quo and desire a life of freedom and meaning as much as I do, then I know you want to take the road less traveled! Endeavor to never let yourself settle for average or complacency. When you forge your own way, you’ll stand out from the crowd and lead a much more fulfilling life than you could otherwise. Inevitably, you’ll also inspire others—many of whom desperately need your example in their lives.

Action item:

Read back over these points and pay particular attention to which parts make your heart pound. If you feel especially struck by any part, write it down! Then think about how you can apply that part to your own life, what it’ll take to do so, and when you can implement it.

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