5 Workspace Tips on How to Be Successful

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Love the space in which you work and you’ll get more done!

As we know from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, each time more of our basic needs are met, we’re able to focus on higher endeavors. The same can be true of our workspace and productivity. If we’re set up to work in an area that meets all of our basic needs, we’re more likely to be incredibly productive. I don’t know about you, but the more productive I can be in order to achieve success faster, the better!

Here are my five workspace tips for you on how to increase productivity and accelerate your success:

Workspace Tip #1: Is your workspace ergonomic and comfortable?

Look, I love the idea of working at a coffee shop or bookstore. I love seeing cute and charming photos in my Instagram feed of authors happily working away on their books at such a place. However, I find it to be completely unrealistic. The benches are typically uncomfortable and such places often include countless distractions. Even when I find a quiet spot in a giant plush chair, it’s not super comfortable, especially for typing on a laptop.

If possible, make wherever you spend your time working as comfortable and distraction-free as possible.

Workspace Tip #2: Is everything you need nearby?

Each time you have to get up and go looking for something you need, you break your distraction and thus productivity. Minimalist office spaces are great, but what good are they if they’re not practical? Keep items you need nearby so that it cuts down on possible distractions and wasted time.

Workspace Tip #3: Is it organized and clean?

I discussed this one more in depth in my post, 3 Tips to Skyrocket Your Productivity that you May Have Not Heard Before. A disorganized and cluttered desk or computer desktop is a recipe for a productivity disaster. Seeing all of your other work that needs to be done, personal items that need to be addressed, bills that need to be paid, etc., are all decisions that need to be made. Even if you don’t think so, on the subconscious level your brain is trying to solve the problem.

This, in turn, distracts your brain from whatever you’re consciously trying to work on and causes productivity to suffer. Help your projects out and make sure your space is clean and organized!

Workspace Tip #4: Do you love how it looks and feels?

Do you feel serenity and confidence when you walk in, or do you cringe? If you don’t love it, here are some easy ideas on how to make it better: slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls, find some inexpensive and motivational artwork (Hobby Lobby has amazing options that are usually 50% off), make it smell good with essential oils, candles, or tart warmers. At one point I even put coffee beans on my desk so I could simply smell them anytime I wanted so I could feel like I was in a coffee shop (minus the distractions and discomfort!).

Workspace Tip #5: Do you feel good about yourself when you sit down to work?

When some women go to exercise they choose to wear makeup because it helps them offset how disgusting they feel when they’re all sweaty and smelly (you’re beautiful, by the way!).

Similarly, when you’re working on your dreams or business, you might feel a little insecure. A really good tip for combating this is to feel like a million bucks before sitting down to work on it. Spray on your favorite perfume or cologne, wear clothes that you feel are comfortable and flattering on you, brush your teeth or have some gum, and maybe even do your hair. As vain as this may sound, I gotta tell you, it’s effective (especially if your day entails contacting strangers).

In summary:

When all five of your senses are taken care of and in a good place, then you’ll be able to do your most productive work. Sure, this may sound vain or frilly to you, but it’s just how humans operate. Can we get work done even if we’re not in an optimal setting? Of course, but the goal here is to maximize productivity so that you find success as soon as possible. For that, we want the best workspace possible!

Action item:

Think of fun and exciting ways for you to apply all of these tips to your own workspace! If you have a bazillion files on your computer desktop, it can be as simple as making one folder called “stuff” and dumping them all in there. That way you don’t have to spend time organizing or deleting anything, but you’ve just cleared up your desktop in 5 seconds. Similarly, if you don’t love the way your workspace looks, you can jazz it up for as little as $10 by grabbing a couple $5 décor items from discount stores or Hobby Lobby and adding them to your desk (remember to choose thoughtful items that will help inspire you rather than distract you!). Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Join the convo! ;-)

Post a comment below to join the conversation and let us know how you applied these steps—especially if you jazzed up your workspace, we want to see pictures!