Finding Purpose in Life: A Guide on How to Identify Your Deepest and Truest Dreams

finding purpose in life author samantha eklund

We all have one life to live.

Most of us—you and me especially—want to make the most of that life! We all know that we’re at our happiest when we’re fulfilled and living with purpose. For most of us, that doesn’t align with what we do daily. We all have a daily routine and job that we do, but oftentimes it’s not exactly our purpose, and thus we’re not living our ideal life. Although our purpose in life and our dreams can seem unrelated, they totally are.

Purpose can sometimes be confused with something that’s boring, tedious, or involves suffering on some level, whereas dreams can be perceived as being wild, outlandish, and even selfish.

These notions are not true.

Our craziest, wildest dreams are often an expression of our hearts’ truest desires, and in turn, your life’s purpose.

Most people don’t know what their dreams are. If you ask them, they might stare at you blankly. If you ask them what they’re passionate about, they might give you the same blank look. So many of us are just trying to get by day-to-day that we’ve forgotten what passion even feels like. Thrill, excitement, and dreams are distant notions from a time when we didn’t have so many responsibilities.

Now excuse me while I barf.

Does that sound like the kind of life you want to be living? Or want your kids to be living? Not me! That’s why I’m determined to never let my dreams get pushed to the wayside, and even more, why I’m determined to help you hold onto yours as well!

Follow the below steps to help you figure out what your purpose could be:

Step #1: Figure out what you’re good at.

Remember my blog from a couple months ago about discovering your strengths? (How to Be Successful (Part 1): Why You Need to Know Your Strengths and Reputation) That is a great place to start. Although your strengths are not passions, they will steer you in the right direction. In addition, they’ll also help you get some insights about yourself and thinking about who you are. Many of us don’t spend any time doing this exercise, and thus really don’t consciously know much about ourselves.

Step #2: Reflect on today’s issues.

Think about the world. What issues or occurrences really upset you or break your heart?

Step #3: Think about your own life.

What about it do you wish you could change or make better?

Step #4: Think about your life experiences leading up to this point.

What were the most exciting times for you? What kinds of things made you feel the most alive? The most fulfilled? What would you give anything to do again?

Step #5: If time, money, health, and any other hindrances weren’t a factor, what’s one thing you would do right this second?

Tinker around in your garage? Travel to Bulgaria? Spend all your time with your family? Buy an island? Feed all the orphans in the world? The sky’s the limit!

Step #6: If money was no issue, what would your dream job be?

What would you actually love to be doing every day, rather than what you do now for money?

Step #7: Now look over all of your answers.

What common threads do they have? What answers get you the most excited or passionate? Hint: it might not be what you expected!

In summary:

You and I both have one life to live, and we each want to make the most of it! The problem is, it can be a struggle to figure out what our deepest dreams (or purpose) are. While we usually know that we want more than the daily grind of a day job, we’re not sure of much else. However, by asking ourselves some pretty straightforward questions, we can discover a lot about ourselves, and by extension, our dreams and purpose.

Action item:

Don’t let these insights pass you by! Really ponder the above questions and answer them honestly. Then put those answers somewhere where you’ll see them each day and reflect on them for at least a week (seven days). By the end of that week, if you’ve truly set aside time to deeply consider these, then you should have at least an inkling, if not numerous ideas, on what your purpose in life is!

Join the convo! ;-)

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