Self Confidence V.S. Goal Setting: Who Wins?

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In the epic battle ring of self-confidence V.S. goal setting, who wins? Will one of them totally get the smack down on the other, like in nineteen ninety eight when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell, who then plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table?

Oh yeah, one of them totally wins, and I bet it’s not the one you think.

It’s goal setting!

“Whaaat? Don’t I need confidence in order to accomplish my goals?”

Nope! Not if you simply commit to sticking to your goals and taking action on them every single day. It removes the emotion from the equation.

A few episodes ago I did a four-part series on goal setting and why it’s important, how to set goals that you’ll actually accomplish, how finding time to execute them is easier than you may think, and a guide on how to resolutely take action.

In that series, I cover how important it is to not only make goals, but also plan out the steps that it’s going to take to accomplish them. With those created, I then recommend creating a daily schedule of what steps you need to complete that day in order to keep making progress towards your goals. When something is on your calendar and is also a prerequisite for tomorrow’s tasks, this nearly guarantees that you’ll complete it.

Decide ahead of time to do whatever it takes.

Make a solid plan on how you’re going to get from point A to B. Then B to C. Then C to D, and so on until you reach your goal. Any time you get scared or nervous, recall the solid plan you made. Chances are, if you back out of one thing, it’s going to mess up your whole plan—and you don’t want that! So stick to the plan, no matter the fear.

Here’s an example from my endeavor: I know that in order for a book to be a success, it needs to get into the hands of readers. Duh. There are only two ways that can happen: they either get the book for free, or they buy it. Obviously a sustainable business needs more of the second option than the first. In order for people to buy a book from an unknown author though, it needs to have good reviews. In order to get reviews for an unknown book by an unknown author, I need to either be a super-slick salesperson or give away copies. Going with the giveaway option, I still have to figure out how to give them away. That means I have to find readers and make contact with them in order to offer my book.

Make contact with strangers? That’s pretty scary stuff to most people, especially when you’re saying, “Hi, you don’t know me but I put a piece of my heart in book form and now I’d like to ask you to judge it and let the world know what you thought.”

It can be pretty terrifying to take that step. But guess what? It’s part of my bigger game plan, and I know it’s 100% crucial so I’m not going to skip it, no matter what.

If something is required on my road to success, then I refuse to let a little thing like fear prevent me from making progress.

Caveat: there’s a difference between having confidence in yourself and confidence in your product. In order to be successful, yes, you must have confidence in your product. You better! Otherwise why on earth would you want to share it with people or convince them to buy it? This is totally different than self-confidence though. That can come later, once you get a taste of success from sticking to your goals.

In summary:

If you have confidence in your idea or project (and I’m sure you do, since this is your dream!) and you make goals that you’ll commit to, you can accomplish anything. Whatever you lack in self-confidence will come later, which will help you dream even bigger dreams and set even bigger goals.

Action item:

If you haven’t already read them, check out the four blog episodes mentioned above about goal setting, specifically, Goal Setting (Part 2): 4 Ways to Set Killer Goals That You'll Actually Accomplish. Then consider your dreams and goals, and turn them into actionable steps that you can schedule on a calendar. Once they’re on your calendar, stick to them and promise yourself that you’ll complete them each day, come hell or high water (or fear, or lack of confidence!).

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