Goal Setting (Part 4): Call the Executioner: A Guide on How to Resolutely Take Action

goal setting author samantha eklund

So you’ve gone through the goal setting exercises (great job BTW!) and now it’s time to take your ideas and execute them!

You understand why setting goals is always a good idea, you’ve set goals that you can actually accomplish, and you’ve seen how easy it is to find time to work on them—even if it’s little bits at a time. You’ve even come up with a rough idea of how to make these goals come to life.

Now let me show you to make sure you actually take those actions!

Part 1: Complete these exercises for each of your dreams:

Step 1: Brainstorm the process of how you’re going to make your dream come to life. (If you’ve done the action items from the past few blogs, then you’ve already started this step. Awesome!)

Step 2: Come up with any and every step you can think of, even if you’re not sure it’s accurate. Have questions about certain areas? Write down, “Research X”. Just get every idea you have out of your head and onto paper.

Step 3: Organize that list chronologically. Obviously this is also your best guess, as some things will happen in a different order than you imagined, some will take longer or quicker, and some might happen simultaneously. Just get a semi-organized list of all the things required to take your goal from a mere dream in your head to an external reality.

Step 4: Estimate the time and cost needed for each step. Again, these might be guesses, but it’s better to get some sort of number down than to never stare the cold-hard reality in the face.

Step 5: Evaluate each step and the overall picture. Once you’ve written everything down, do you realize that things are different than they seemed in your head? For example, maybe one step alone takes up the entire budget you had in mind. Look at the big picture too. How much approximate time and money will you have to devote to this goal? Is it more than you imagined, or less? Or spot on? If it’s more time or money, are you prepared to find more? Are you willing to adjust your expectations? For example, if you wanted to have this dream be a reality and your main source of income within one year and now you realize it’s going to take five years, is that ok with you? Is there any way you might be able to shorten the timeline while not compromising the quality of your dream?

If you still feel good with your goal and the amount of time and money you think it’ll require, that’s great! Now we’re getting into the good stuff.

Part 2: Answer the following questions:

Question 1: Based on your list of items, what’s the very first thing you must get done to make your dream a reality?

Question 2: How long will it take? If longer than the amount of time you can do in fifteen minutes, break it down into 15-minute steps.

Question 3: Schedule the exact date AND time of when you’ll do these steps. Keep track of them somewhere, whether that it’s your calendar, a notebook planner, or an online project management site (I love MeisterTask!).

In summary:

Give yourself a BIG hand!!! You just scheduled the first steps of turning your dream into reality!!!

Action item:

What about the rest of the list? Keep it handy. If you broke down your first item into 15-minute chunks, make sure that in the last chunk you make yourself a note to go back to your master list and do the same exercise for the next step on it. This way you’ll constantly be building momentum, which builds and builds on itself! Once you get going, you become nearly unstoppable!

Join the convo! ;-)

Did you just create a game plan for turning your dreams into reality? If so, let us know so we can celebrate with and encourage you!!!