016- Celeste | Brewing Schemes & Let Them Come

celeste the dark queen excaliah author samantha eklund the codex

Previously on Celeste:

Weeks after the final battle, cleanup of the city was well underway.

Sadly, Celeste found herself saying goodbye to even more loved ones despite her efforts to make them stay. But amidst the grief and destruction, the king and queen decided to focus on rebuilding both their kingdom and their love.

Part of doing so entailed throwing a grand celebration; the largest Khavallia has ever seen, to both celebrate victory and acknowledge all of those who fell in the darkness.

Celeste and Scythe obtained the closure they both needed, and made peace with one another.

At the apex of the celebration, Celeste gave a speech that filled the kingdom with hope and joy, despite all they’ve been through.

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