012- Celeste | The Nightmare of Legends & A Messenger Reborn

celeste the dark queen excaliah author samantha eklund the codex

Previously on Celeste:

Celeste and Mauve arrived at their next destination, and found it to be the grisly opposite of their prior one. Amidst horrors, the two women found answers, but certainly not the ones for which they had hoped. Just when the situation didn’t seem able to get any more horrifying, it did.

Back in Khavallia, Kira and Craig were having a tea party when the sweet young Seer reveals a shocking truth the man. Suddenly he found assurance in the fact that everything would be all right, for he knows how it all turns out in the end.

On two separate fronts, leagues from one another, the battle of their age is being fought.

In Muerta, the two women’s foes found and trapped them. In the face of death, Mauve had a profound realization. Her heart’s true love was clearly revealed to her, and she found a new zest for ending this evil and returning home. But their foes proved too much to handle, and they knew there was only one horrid way to escape.

Meanwhile in Khavallia, the two men who vie for Celeste’s heart continued to war with one another. For a brief moment they get a break… but what came afterward was worse than anything they’ve faced before.

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