011- Celeste | Muerta: The Dark Palace & A Battle for the Ages

celeste the dark queen excaliah author samantha eklund the codex

Previously on Celeste:

The epic battle for Khavallia has begun, and the headstrong leaders of each army are facing off in the fields just beyond the castle.

Although Kiev and his men had previously been impervious to all attacks, Trinia just arrived at the castle and equipped the Vehrians with Excaliah's special amulets, rendering their foes mortal again.

At the height of his arrogance, Gohrkrull finds himself bloodied by Scythe’s blade.

Meanwhile, Celeste is rushing like a madwoman to Muerta, the place where she hopes to find answers on how to end this darkness.

Henrik had revealed to her that he had been the one to summon the most of gods, not Kiev. Her love wasn’t as wicked as she had thought, and he could indeed be saved.

Thus she had thundered to the dark palace, hoping to find a cure for her husband before Scythe takes his life.

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