009- Celeste | A Journey’s Confession & The Tomb of the Ancients

celeste the dark queen excaliah author samantha eklund the codex

Previously on Celeste:

General Scythe and Queen Celeste finally make it back to her castle, only to find it overrun with traitors. With the aid of those still loyal to her, the queen takes back her castle.

Once she is back in her room—the place where all this began; where Kiev betrayed her—any hope she had for him slips away, as well as any reservations she had about igniting a relationship with Scythe.

Even with this new hope, she knows she must depart again from the castle to go where Excaliah directed her; the Tomb of the Ancients.

Meanwhile in Khavallia, Kiev is dealing with a devastating loss. He loathes his general, but takes solace in the fact that he will only have to work with him for a short while longer.

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