007- Celeste | Commander Rex & Carnage and Chaos

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Previously on Celeste:

After Henrik reveals his true allegiance and infusing Kiev with Gohrkrull, the king’s noble intentions to find his wife are twisted and turned against him.

With the dark god in control of his body, Kiev finds Celeste and gives the order for them to kill her. The fair queen fights with unparalleled fury, besting both his men and Kiev.

Before she can deal a killing blow, Excaliah insists she show mercy, and when she doesn’t, the god of light takes away her choice.

With all hope for husband seeming lost, Celeste allows herself to grow closer to Scythe, but again Excaliah insists that Kiev can be saved. He also tells her to take back her city, and then set out for the Tomb of Ancients, where more answers shall be revealed.

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