006- Celeste | Her Fatal Mistake & Khavallia

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Previously on Celeste:

Spurred on by his growing sense of guilt and his mother’s warning not to trust Henrik, King Kiev resolves to leave Lenik and find his dear wife.

Before he can do so, his traitorous general ambushes him and holds him captive. Then he does the unthinkable and pours the presence the most evil god, Gohrkrull, into him.

Although the king doesn’t die, the wicked god promises he’ll wish he had.

In Vehrys, the messenger bird Mauve sent to caution her queen is attacked, and its warning lost.

At the Blood Fields, Celeste and Scythe finally find shelter. There they are able to regain their strength, and even form deeper bonds as they share physical and emotional scars with each other.

Little do they know what terrors are coming their way.

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