Episode 005- Celeste | Gohrkrull: The Dark God & Scars and Secrets

celeste the dark queen excaliah author samantha eklund the codex

Previously on Celeste:

In Ashdom, Celeste learns that pure evil has been released in their realm, and only she has the power to stop it. With Excaliah’s messenger and her oldest friend by her side, she strengthens in her resolve to return home.

Over in Lenik, Queen Velania has discerned that Kiev hasn’t been himself, and urges him to question Henrik’s allegiance and motives.

Meanwhile in Khavallia, Mauve and Kira are revealed to be Seers, and both seem to have had the same vision; that someone released this darkness into their world.

Even worse, a new vision has surfaced; one in which Kiev gives the order to kill his wife.


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