Episode 004- Celeste | The Seers & A Softer Side of Cruelty

the codex episode 004 celeste the dark queen author samantha eklund

Previously on Celeste:

Scythe finally finds Celeste! After a tearful and nearly fatal reunion, the queen asks the man who’s both her oldest friend and general in her military to help her reclaim her kingdom.

Meanwhile, Kiev is still battling both his guilt for what he’s done and his seeming desire for a new future. When he decides to remove his wedding ring one night before bed, he unknowingly triggers a chain of events.


The God of Light—Excaliah himself—appears to Celeste shortly after and tells her she has the magical Gift of Light; it is her True Gift, which means it’s her most powerful ability. Not only does the god reveal that, but also tells her he will send her aid so that she can get back to her kingdom and take back her capital city of Khavallia—and that he will even aid her in winning this war!

Right after that, the gem that Henrik seemingly uses to control Kiev flickers and goes out.

Enraged, Henrik storms out of his room to confront the king.


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