Episode 002- Celeste | Discovery Among Despair & Might and Power

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This week on Celeste:

Celeste is starving, and is about to give up on life; even going so far as not fighting back when she knows a beast is coming. Just when all hope seems lost, she discovers something that could change her life forever.

Scythe is scouring the kingdom looking for her, and is even heading south to Mahkrev. He knows Henrik’s men were liars and not allies with Kiev. 

We learn that all of Vehrys has secret abilities, but they don’t acknowledge them so as to keep peace in the land. Incredibly, Scythe seems to have an ability that is more powerful and dangerous than all others.

General Mauve, her daughter Kira, and General Craig enter the tale. In the king and queen’s absence, they’re keeping an eye on matters in the castle at Khavallia. 

Even though she has this mysterious new ability, Celeste is losing her sanity. She is still going in circles; her efforts to get home seemingly cursed.

As she contemplates what Kiev has done to her and their land, she decides to show him just how severe of a mistake he has made. 

She will show him her might and power.



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