Your Target Market and You: 3 Reasons Why You Want to Hone in on It NOW

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If you’ve been pursuing your dreams or a business for very long, you’ve probably heard this piece of advice over and over again: figure out your target market. Yet, due to its perceived difficulty, many of us still haven’t done it. I’m here to remind you that it’s very important!

First of all, if you’re brand new to this game, what does that even mean? Determining your target market means figuring out exactly who you can best serve and who would be your dream customer, down to the nitty gritty detail. The more specific the better.

There are endless thoughts and ideas on how to do this, which I’m not going to address here. Instead, I want to help you understand why you want to do this. Without the why, telling you the how is pointless. This is something that takes time, patience, and adjusting to get right. Why would you go through all that unless you understand its importance? You won’t, that’s why!

So allow me to shed some light on why, in the pursuit of your dreams or a business, you want to figure out the best people for you to approach with your ideas, products, or services.

Reason #1: You won’t waste your time and money.

The people who I originally thought would love my latest book, Celeste, disliked it. However, people I never would have guessed loved it! Imagine how much time and money I would have wasted if I hadn’t figured that out early in the game. I’d be talking to the completely wrong people and wasting my precious budget by creating content and ads for an audience that sees no value in my product.

Let’s take an everyday example. Say you’re trying to sell a vehicle that has some cosmetic issues. Instead of writing glowing description about what perfect shape it’s in, be 100% honest and point out the flaws. You’ll probably draw buyers who are actually looking for a vehicle that’s not in perfect shape (maybe for their new teenage driver?). Then when they come out to see it in person, since you didn’t bamboozle them in the listing, they’ll see exactly what they were expecting and likely buy the vehicle.

Conversely, if you write a glowing description and only post photos that make the vehicle look perfect, you’ll attract people who are expecting something to be flawless. Then when they see it in person, you’ve just wasted their time and yours and they aren’t buying the car. However, if you know from the beginning that you’re not trying to attract those kind of buyers, you can save yourself time by not trying to speak to them in the first place.

Reason #2: You can write relevant exciting content.

By using words that really connect with your ideal audience and not so much with others, you’ll really be talking to your ideal crowd. This means you can use language and references that will really resonate with your audience, rather than trying to keep things super bland that’ll appeal to everyone. For example, if my intended audience was business people who thought being professional means always being super serious and never letting their hair down, then I wouldn’t use the same tone as I do now in my blogs.

Want a great example of this? Think of Jack Link’s Runnin’ with Sasquatch ad campaign. Some people will find these videos hilarious, and others will find them highly offensive. But guess what? Jack Links knows exactly who their target market is (meat eaters) and is speaking directly to them. Sure, the commercial may offend those who don’t fall within their target market (vegetarians), but Jack Links makes jerky, and they know vegetarians will never be in their target market. So instead of making an ad campaign that’s bland and friendly to everyone, they crafted a message that’s meant just for their target market that instills a sense of pride in being a Jack Links’ customer.

Reason #3: Both you and your ideal customers will be better set up for success!

Getting a sale merely for the sake of getting one is never a good idea. It usually results in negative reviews, higher return rates, and higher stress for you. Knowing exactly who you’re trying to serve and how you can serve them is a surefire way for your dreams and goals to succeed. You can explain in crystal-clear language exactly what you’re offering, and that clarity will attract people who are looking for that.

It also helps you to not attract people who aren’t right for your business. Say you’re offering a training course that’s intended for online business owners and a brick-and-mortar business owner contacts you. They’re SUPER excited about your content and are ready to buy the course right this minute! They just have one question: will it work for someone who’s not based online? Well, you crafted it with only online business owners in mind, but you totally forgot to mention that in its description or any of its marketing. In fact, you don’t remember thinking about physical businesses once while making the course. You really don’t think it’s right for this person—they’re not from your intended audience—but gee golly, you really need a sale.

Torn, you end up saying, “Yes! It would be great for you too!” Excitedly they then purchase the course and everyone’s happy… until weeks later when you get a big fat refund request and this person’s horrible review posted all over the web, stating how dishonest and unethical you are. Ouch.

Don’t let that happen to you! Once you’ve figured out who your target market is, stick with them and you’ll be golden. Don’t let yourself veer off course for the sake of an extra sale here or there, or you won’t be setting up yourself or customers for success.

In summary:

Knowing your target market is your first crucial step to success. With them in mind, you can avoid wasting your time and money by speaking to people who you can’t best serve. By focusing on just them, you’ll also be able to write content and speak in way that TOTALLY resonates with them. Don’t pitch people with ideas that aren’t true or accurate, or that gloss over glaring problems. Work with total integrity, and you’ll attract the kind of crowd that you need!

Action item:

Do you know who your target market is? If not, I highly recommend doing some work to figure out who they may be. You can check out Jasmine Star’s blog for some great tips on how to get some ideas going so that you can really nail down this answer!

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