How to Be Successful (Part 4): The Secret to Producing Your Most Fruitful Work

how to be successful author samantha eklund

Creativity and inspiration are funny things.

As people who are pursuing our dreams, you and I need our creativity and inspiration in order to be successful. Even if you think your dream is completely straightforward and doesn’t need any of that fluffy creativity crap, think again.

Even if you run a construction business, there’s more to it than metal, nails, and invoices. Every business takes heart. When you run into challenges in your business (and EVERY business will face these), you have to get creative to come up with solutions. You must dig deep and find your inspiration to keep going. Those things together are the heart of your business.

So whether your dream is directly related to creativity like penning stories, or it’s something more scientific or logical in nature, you use your creativity every day in the pursuit of your dream.

And do you want to know the number-one way to ensure your business keeps thriving?

Work out of a place of joy, not desperation!

The impact of this will absolutely be felt everywhere. You will feel it, your family will appreciate it, your employees will notice it, and your customers will see it.

When we work out of a place of fulfillment and joy, rather than desperation, we produce better results. If we’re writers, we produce better stories. If we’re coaches, we give better advice. If we sell goods, we come across as more sincere rather than pushy. Whatever industry you’re in, this applies.

You know this is true from your own past experiences in life. Ever had a job you hated? Even if you’re the most ethical and hard-working person on the planet, your performance can’t help but slip if you hate what you’re working on. Ever been in a sport or club that started out as fun but then just became tedious? I’ll bet you weren’t able to give your best to that either.

Personally, I know that when I’m writing just because I’m on a self-imposed deadline or for the sake of word count (something I try never EVER to do), I don’t produce my best work. Honestly, it’s crap. However, when I’m writing for the love of weaving stories, I create much more mesmerizing content! The same is true for your dream as well. If you ever find yourself desperately working on it just for the sake of money or status, you likely won’t get far.

In summary:

Remember to stick to your roots any time you work on your business. Keep the main reason you do what you do at the forefront of your mind any time you sit down (or go out) to work on it. Even when times get tough, think back to the passion and excitement that you started with and that you’ll soon return to. Our most fruitful work happens when our minds are in a good place, so make sure you’re working on your dreams in an optimal state of mind!

Action item:

As you’ve been working on your dreams, you’ve undoubtedly come across a few items that aren’t your favorite. Focus on those areas and recall how you felt when you were doing them. Were you filled with joy and passion, or were you just trudging through them for the sake of getting them done? Think of how they turned out. Did they have a good result, or just so-so? If it wasn’t that great, might it have been because you were just treating them as an item on a to-do list? If you have more of these tasks coming up, reframe how you see them by recalling how they fit into your dreams and will contribute to your overall success. If you can’t get to a place where you’re excited about working on them, consider delegating them instead!

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