So it Begins!

so it begins author samantha eklund

Welcome, and thanks for perusing my letter to you!

(Really, I hate the word blog. Yuck. Everyone and their dog has a blog.)

BUT has everyone and their dog penned their words with you in mind? I rather doubt it.

This letter is straight from my heart, geared towards yours. Hopefully it lands there!

My endeavor is to give you great updates every few weeks, share something interesting, and help you understand what dark forces motivate me to write (hint: they’re not all that dark).

Before I can tell you what’s new, I have to tell you what’s old.

The old news is that I’m Samantha Eklund, author extraordinaire (that’s the goal anyway).

I have written three full books, edited all of them, designed the original covers for all of them, and published all of them.

I’m a bit behind in the marketing, but my goal is to first excel at it and then teach other creatives how to crack the code! We creatives tend to be the worst at marketing, which seems counter intuitive because we're so imaginative...

Where was I? Ah yes; so I have successfully produced three books. I’ve also worked with an amazing audio narrator who I’m sure I’ll mention time and time again on here.

The first two books are categorized as epic fantasy, and are part of a trilogy, which in turn are part of a larger series. The trilogy is called Kalanna Skelarx. Sadly, the third book has not yet been written and I don’t plan to do so for several years (don’t say I didn’t warn you if you read the first two now).

The third book I’ve written is in a completely different genre (supernatural zombiepocalypse) and is a part of another series called Let There Be War. Yes I know; we creatives have a problem with staying focused. Why on earth would I start another series when I’m two-thirds done with another one?

Truthfully, for a while I felt like God was calling me to write a Christian book. I resisted for a long time, but eventually conceded. Not one to write cheesy crap, I did my best to avoid the common mistakes that so many Christian authors make.

I wanted the series to appeal to everyone, so I didn’t sugarcoat things.

Throughout Let There Be War: In the Beginning, there’s gore, swearing, and romance as needed to tell the story well.

Currently I’m writing my fourth book, Let There Be War: Carnage, which is the second tale in the War series. Honestly I hated it when I started it (due to a mad case of writer’s block), but have finally gotten past that. I can’t wait to finish and share it with you guys! Ideas for the third book are also flourishing! All in all, there will be five books in this series.

In the Beginning’s cover is also getting overhauled as I write this. I love the original cover, but I found that it didn’t encapsulate the story very well. A friend of mine is extremely talented in graphic design, so I hired her to rework it. I’ve seen the rough draft, and all I can is… wow!!! (Speak of the devil; she just emailed me as I was typing this!)

So that’s my writing world in a nutshell. I’m sure I’ll think of plenty that I forgot.

Helping authors is also a big passion of mine, which I’m hoping I can dive more into soon.

What’s going on in your life? Have you read any of my books? More importantly, have you written any of your own? Oh do tell!!! Comment below! I would love to meet you :- )

Much love,