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Hi! I'm Samantha,

an author who envisions a better future for fellow creatives. I LOVE to understand + encourage others, and happen to be unwaveringly determined in everything I do.


In college, I majored in Religious Studies. My sporadic job choices since then have included finance, handling obscene amounts of cash, marketing, project management, graphic design, church marketing, and human resources (no, not the annoying kind).

To my surprise and delight, I have been described as a generous and bad-ass dreamer (among other things).

When I’m not writing, I’m riding. My street bike, my dirt bike, horses, boats… anything that can get the adrenaline going. One day if I work up enough nerve, I’d like to try skiing and skydiving.

Extra Goodies

3 interesting things you might not know about me:

  • I’m a synesthete. I mostly experience the spatial-sequence, number form, and auditory-tactile forms of synesthesia. It’s a magnificent way to experience life, especially as a creative person!
  • In books, shows, and movies, I usually root for + love the villains (I’m pretty sure I liked the evil queen from Once Upon a Time before anyone else did). The villains just need a hug!
  • I’m a gamer; always have been and always will be! Among my favorites are Fallout, Skyrim, Bloodborne, and the new Tomb Raiders.



Books I’ve written:


  • Retribution (Kalanna Skelarx #1)

  • Restitution (Kalanna Skelarx #2)

  • Celeste (The Dark Queen #1)

Supernatural horror:

  • In the Beginning (Let There Be War #1)

Other books in the works:

  • Redemption (Kalanna Skelarx #3)

  • Carnage (Let There Be War #2)

  • Sweda (The Dark Queen #2)

  • Kira (The Dark Queen #3)

  • Velania (The Dark Queen #4)

What books inspire me?

  • Sabriel- This book was hands down my favorite book in high school. I’ve always been amazed that it’s not a bigger deal or that everyone doesn’t know about it. Nix’s take on magic and death are so incredibly unique, which sparks my imagination like crazy. I also love the Old Kingdom and Mogget (of course), but my favorite element of the whole series is the set of bells. When he released more books in 2014 and 2016, it was like someone had put a whole banquet table of decadent, freshly baked cinnamon-swirl French-toasts in front of me!

  • The classics (primarily Frankenstein, Dracula, Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Gray)- I’m guessing I love these for the same reasons every other book lover does: the eloquent writing, the deep of characters, and the love stories within them.

  • Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies- A strange twist on a classic. It amuses me to no end how Graham-Smith was able to weave a morbid new tale into the old one, while adding humor and somehow maintaining the eloquence. The wit through this book is hilarious.



Why do I write?

My aim is to write tales that both excite and inspire; that both thrill and challenge. I don’t make art for art’s sake.

I write to have a positive impact on your life.



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